Monday, January 4, 2010

I Can't STAND Being Sick

Well my friends, its true, I came down with a cold yesterday and it has lingered on into today.  Without hesitation though, I got ready to tackle this cold Monday morning and trained my clients with their workouts, while trying to hide and battle the congestion, headache and fluids that come along with being sick.  Since 4 am this morning I have probably gone through an entire box of tissues and a gallon of Orange Juice.  I have kept up with my regular nutrition and supplement regimen but after this constant annoyance of a simple cold I got to wondering, “Why do people INSIST on getting sick over and over again throughout the year?”

Ok, maybe that is a strong statement to make, I mean, who honestly likes being sick?  But, hear me out on this.  You see my friends, I am the type who hardly ever gets sick and when I do, it really ANNOYS me!  I mean to the point where I actually get very aggravated and even angry.  Pretty ridiculous right?. 

Maybe so, but the fact is, I live a very healthy and active lifestyle (as if you didn’t know right) so when I do get a virus that takes my energy levels down and hinders my normal routine its actually rather hard for me to handle.  Well, today I’m taking some of that negative energy and turning it into something positive here so please, don’t feel like I’m complaining, I do have a strong point to make.

My question is, How do people who get sick 2, 3, 4, maybe more times per year handle it?  Think about it?  Do you know of anyone who ALWAYS seems to be sick?  Is it that they are just so use to being sick that they’ve gotten accustomed to it and learn to live that way?  I really don’t know the answer but again, Why would anyone want to live like that while at the same time say things such as, “I don’t have time to exercise,” or “I know I should eat healthy but I just don’t like it.”  Is leading and living an active lifestyle filled with healthy choices really that hard that someone would “rather” be sick?

You see, to me, if someone is constantly making excuses why they “can’t” exercise or won’t eat healthy then they are actually saying, “If I get sick, I’ll deal with it,”  And that just blows me away!  I mean, guys!  I’ve got a cold and I’m hating life!  It’s not life threatening, its not even preventing me from getting things done today, but its just SO DAMN ANNOYING! 

If you are sick of getting or being sick then listen to me, 20 Minutes Guys!  20 minutes a day is all you need to revive your energy, boost your immune system, sweat out toxins and poisons in the body and reclaim your health!  Of course, I recommend a minimum of 45 minutes or training typically but if you are just getting started with your New Regimen, then I CHALLENGE YOU to see for yourself what 20 minutes of intense activity will do for you!

I tell ya, I would MUCH rather eat my egg whites, chicken, fruits and vegetables and train hard 3-6 days per week than to EVER feel like this again!  And so, I WILL!  I will do anything and everything within my power to prevent feeling like this any longer than I have to.  After all, I have a LIFE to LIVE and I want to live it to the fullest!

Now I know some things are just unavoidable and the human body is susceptible to getting ill BUT if you aren’t doing anything to strengthen your body and your immune system then you are INDEED inviting and welcoming a virus to attack you, and that my friends, is a mindset I will NEVER understand!  In fact, it is rather ridiculous to me so please excuse me if I shake my head at you and look at you in disbelief as you try to convey any type of excuses to me why you “can’t” live a healthy lifestyle.

So, thats my little rant for today.  Its 20 minutes till 1, just about time for my workout.  YEAH!  I told you I would do everything in my own little power that I have to get rid of this virus!  So, its time to get the sweat on!

Drive On Champions!

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